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Perfect Backup FAQs

There are no limitations at all. Perfect Backup is completely free.

How it's possible? We think freeware is the best way to promote the software. That's why our backup software is free for any purpose.

Of course, when we add more functionality to our product, we will release paid Professional version. But we guarantee that all current features will remain in the free version for ever.

Yes, you can do it. At first you need to create a backup job and add all your files and folders to it. Choose desired device as destination.

After that make a copy of backup job by clicking the "Duplicate" button. In the wizard leave everything unchanged except of the Destination. Choose another storage here.

And finally open the General Options, the tab "Backup", and disable the option "Run only one job at a time".

It depends on your goals. If you don't need the restore points at all, you can choose "Syncronization" type of backup. The software will update only those files which are modified, created or removed since last backup.

In case you want to have ability to restore your data to some point in time, you may choose between Incremental, Differential, and Full backup type.

Incremental backup is preferred in most cases. It is the fastest least costly method, because it only copies new and modified files since last backup.

Brief description of all backup types can be found here.

In most cases, a warning is shown if a file could not be read. This may be the case if the copied document is opened with exclusive rights. In this case, the file is skipped and you will see a warning at the end of the process.

In summary, we recommend that you open the log after the end of the backup, and find all the lines "Warning". Determine for yourself whether such a backup can be considered successful. If not, fix the file access issue, then repeat the process.

Perfect Backup is able to send you an email when backup is complete.

Please open the General Options, the tab "Report Delivery". Enable the option "Send an email notification...". Then specify email parameters.

"Cancelled" status is applied in 2 cases: if you manually aborted a backup. And if the error occured during the process."

If a job is complete, Perfect Backup checks the status of another jobs.

If some jobs still running, then it will wait until all jobs are complete. Then the program will turn off your computer.

When Perfect Backup makes a job, it creates a file with .pbk extension, and a folder that contains all your data. The .pbk file is a backup job file. It contains all information about backup.

You need to install Perfect Backup, then run it and click "Open". Locate the file .pbk on the storage, and open it.

The job will be imported into the list of backups. Now you can select it, and click "Restore".