Partner Programs

Make money selling Perfect Backup Pro

The reseller program allows you to purchase Perfect Backup Pro licenses from us at a discounted price. You then invoice your customers for the full cost and deliver the licenses to them once payment is received. We offer the best discount on the market - 70%.
These are the steps to become a reseller:

  • Contact us. Provide your name, a company name, company address, website, phone number.
  • We will review and approve your request.
  • You will receive instructions by email.
  • Start selling. Bill your clients for the full price.
  • Buy discounted licenses from us.
  • Deliver the licenses to customer when you get paid.

The affiliate program allows you to earn commissions on referral sales. Add tracking links to your online channels and earn a commission when someone purchases Perfect Backup Pro through that link.
We offer the higher commission on the market - 70%.
How to become an affiliate:

  • Contact us. Explain where you plan to promote.
  • You will receive instructions on signing up.
  • Add tracking links on your website, emails, social networks etc.
  • Earn commissions on referred sales.