GMail Configuration

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GMail Configuration

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If you are using Gmail account for sending notifications, please note: your standard email password will not be accepted in the Report Delivery options of Perfect Backup.

You must create a special App Password in your Google Account, then use it in Options.


1. Go to and Login


2. Click On Security


3. Enable 2-Step Verification under Signing into Google


4. Click App passwords (and sign in again)


5. On the App Passwords screen click at the drop down Select App, and select Other (Custom Name)


6. Enter any name for the app, e.g. Perfect Backup


7. Click the GENERATE button.


8. Your new password will be randomly generated and displayed on your screen.


9. Copy it down , then set on the Report Delivery tab of the Options window.


10. Make sure you have entered correct data for SMTP server:

SMTP Server: Port: 465 Security: TLS




11. Click Send Test  button to send a test message to your email account.