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Perfect Backup is free backup software for Windows. It allows you to automate the process of saving your important files to  external storage. With it you can be sure you never lose your documents, tables, sources and media files.

Features of the program:

Truly freeware. No limitations, no adware.

Backup files and folders to different device types: internal and external drives, DVD/Blu-ray disks, FTP servers, network locations and cloud storages.

Apply filters and rules for the source files: include-only specific extensions,  or exclude extensions, files and folder;

4 types of backup: full, incremental, differential and mirror.

ZIP compression, encryption and password-protection.

Flexible task scheduler. Select days, set timetable when Perfect Backup must backup your files automatically.

Friendly interface. There are no  complex settings or extra controls. Even a novice can start using the program.

Handy control of backup jobs. The entries can be displayed in two forms: as cards and as list (table).

There are no annoying pop up windows  showing during the backup progress. All processes are displayed directly in the main window. You can minimize the window to the tray anytime.

Tree control allows you to filter the jobs in the list: show only running, only canceled jobs etc.  You can also search jobs by name.

Handy and useful Events log. You can see the log of all activities happened while you was away.

Detailed reports for backups.  It includes information about every processed file and folder. If some problem occurred, it will be added to the report as well.

Notifications by email. You can configure program to send you a email when backup job is complete. The report may be attached to email.

Flexible backup settings. You can adjust  file copy settings, compression settings, logging options etc.

Program can be automatically started with Windows, and work in background.

Guaranteed restore. Every time a backup is done, a new restore point is created.  So you always have a list of restore points to choose from.

Restore directly from the storage. Install Perfect Backup to any computer, open the backup job file (*.pbk) directly from the storage, and Perfect Backup will do the rest.