Drive Image Backup

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Drive Image Backup

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Backup the operating system with all the settings, files, folders and applications.

It uses VHD (virtual hard disks) to store the backups, creating an exact volumes copy of the system.

Click the button "New Job" to begin job creation:


Select "Drive Image Backup".


You will have to enter a name of the job, and then you will see a Job Creation Wizard. It allows to configure your new backup job.

You need to complete 3 steps:


1. What do you want to backup?

Choose the disks you want to backup.


Click "Next" to go to the next step.


2. Where to store your backup?

On this step you need to choose the destination for your backup image files.


At first, choose the storage type:  External Drive,  or Network folder.

After that you must specify the path to directory where you want to store the backup every time the job is executed.

For External Drive.

Choose the disk letter in the  combo.

For Network.

You have to specify the path to the network folder in UNC-format. You can enter the path manually, or click "Choose..." button. If the remote location is password-protected, you need to specify the username and password.

This backup type (Drive Image) produces incremental backups. And you can configure how many backup versions you would like to keep. The default value is 3.

When everything is configured on this step, click the "Next" button to switch to the next step.


3. When to start backup?

This step is completely optional. Here you can specify days and time when you want to run backup job automatically. There are two options to choose from:

- Days of the week.

- Days of the month.

The timetable is applied for all the days selected.

When everything is ready, click "Save" to add new job to the table. Warning! In this case the job is not started immediately. To run backup you have to select the job in the table, then click "Backup" button.

If you want to save new job and run it immediately, please select "Save & Run" item from the dropdown menu of the "Save" button.

Note: for this backup type Perfect Backup should be started with Admin privileges. So if you want to schedule a backup job, please make sure you have started the application as Admin.