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Cloud Client

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Perfect Backup includes two tools which can be used in your work for any purposes: FTP Client and Cloud Client.

There are two ways to open Cloud Client:

You can select "Cloud Client" item in the main menu -> Tools.

You can select "Cloud Client" item in the popup menu of the tray icon.

Main window of the Cloud Client:


Use the following buttons to control the program:

clip0055 - connect to your Cloud account. Click "Connect" button, and select from dropdown menu one of supported cloud services: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Box (

The app may require authorize it in web browser to be able to add files and create folders in your cloud account.

clip0040 - disconnect from the cloud.

clip0043 - Open this page of the user guide.

clip0044 - Create new folder in the current directory.

clip0045 - Remove selected file/folder

clip0046 - Download selected file.

clip0047 - Upload file to current directory.

To change directory, select the corresponding node in the free.